12 November update: maximum occupancy of 75 people in a space and work from home as much as possible.

15 November 2021 by Coronavirus

This evening, the cabinet announced new coronavirus measures as a result of the seriousness of the increased infections and the additional pressure it puts on healthcare. Avans is impacted by several measures.

Maximum Occupancy of 75 People

Education will continue, and this will be done in person as much as possible. Evening courses can also continue. From Saturday 13 November, a maximum occupancy of 75 people in an educational space will apply for three weeks. This does not apply to circulation areas and for testing, preliminary examination, and examination spaces.

Working from Home

The recommendation is to work from home for the next three weeks unless absolutely necessary. Of course, this does not apply to lecturers who are scheduled for in-person lectures and colleagues with location-specific work activities.

Open Day Will Still Be Held

As announced previously, the Open Day on Saturday 13 November will still be held. This decision will be the same for all universities of applied sciences. Open Days were defined as an education-related activity and that means that the same measures apply. Of course, we will ensure that the environment in which prospective students receive information is as safe as possible.

Wearing a Face Mask

Face masks will remain compulsory when moving through the buildings. Some students and employees will have medical reasons that exempt them from wearing a face mask. In that case, students must ask for permission from the dean’s office, and the dean will sign a declaration if approved. The following link will bring you to the government website with a declaration template (in Dutch): Mandatory face masks for people with a limitation or illness | Coronavirus COVID-19 | Employees can contact their management team. Instead of a face mask, they must organise their own alternative such as a face shield.

Other Guidelines

It goes without saying that the familiar hygiene and health guidelines remain in force. For students and employees, the basic measures will remain in effect: wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, sneeze or cough into your elbow, stay at home if you have symptoms and get tested by the GGD — regardless of whether you are partly or fully vaccinated — and follow quarantine regulations.

Vaccination and Self-Testing

We will also focus on a higher rate of vaccination, and the active use of self-tests is necessary. We are strongly committed to communicating to students and employees the importance of getting vaccinated and the continued use of self-tests, even after a full vaccination.

Activities Not Related to Education

More information about activities not related to education will follow in a future update.

Last updated on 15 November 2021.