14 October update: educational activities continue and face masks

14 October 2020 by Coronavirus

Last night, the Dutch government announced new measures to slow down the spread of coronavirus. The most important news for now is that educational activities at Avans can continue as planned and agreed.

  • As in-person education, work placements, and location-dependent research are considered essential activities, you are permitted to use public transport to attend them. The measures announced last night do not change the protocol that our students and staff must follow.
  • The maximum group size of 30 people does not apply in educational settings, including if education is provided at an external venue.
  • Sports activities that are part of the educational curriculum may also go ahead.

Face masks

A new rule is the wearing of face masks in public areas of educational buildings – this also applies to higher education settings. Although this is urgent advice under current government rules, it will soon become compulsory. As of this Thursday (tomorrow), the urgent advice is to wear a face mask in all areas of Avans buildings. If you are sitting in a classroom or workspace and keeping a social distance of 1.5 metres from each other, you may remove your face mask. In areas used for practical and skills training, where it is impossible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres, the urgent advice (which is the same as before) is to wear a face mask as long as this is safe.

We ask everyone using our buildings to follow the urgent advice to wear a face mask from this Thursday (tomorrow). We are also in the process of changing our house rules & regulations, under which it will become compulsory to wear a face mask.


Please be aware that the wearing of face masks is only an addition to the basic rules – it does not replace them. You must therefore continue to socially distance, disinfect your hands, cough into your elbow, and self-isolate if you have any symptoms. Read more information about wearing and making your own face masks (only in Dutch).

Last updated on 14 October 2020.