15 November update: work from home unless absolutely necessary

15 November 2021 by Coronavirus

In addition to the update from Friday 12 November, in this message we will provide more information about working from home, such as which work activities are and are not permitted on location.

Working from Home

The Dutch national government advises to work from home for the next three weeks unless absolutely necessary. Avans follows this advice. Lecturers scheduled for in-person meetings with students and colleagues with location-specific work activities are permitted to work on-location.

Education-related activities such as internship fairs can also take place.

Activities Not Related to Education

Working from home as much as possible also means that gatherings such as meetings, internal courses for staff members, and events that are not related to education cannot take place in person in the next three weeks. This applies to activities at Avans locations as well as external locations. Instead, they could potentially take place online or be postponed to a later time.

Importance of Working from Home

With the measures announced on Friday, the government wants to prevent the necessity of restrictive measures for longer than three weeks. Working from home limits the amount of travelling, prevents crowded work places, and thus reduces the risk of new infections. It is of course frustrating that many colleagues have to work from home and online again. At the same time, it is important to realise that education is permitted to continue without major restrictions.


Last updated on 15 November 2021.