16 September update: spaces for group work

16 September 2020

Message for students and staff

Students who wish to work in groups can go to Xplora to work together on group work. The following rules must be followed:

  • Students can only use it on the day that they need to be at school to attend a class. This means that students cannot collaborate in Xplora on other days.
  • The students must maintain 1.5-metres distance from one another and must follow the other coronavirus guidelines.
  • Currently, it is not necessary to make a reservation in Xplora. In this sense, we therefore appeal to the students’ sense of responsibility to use this option sensibly.
  • Additionally, we will review which smaller classrooms/rooms can be used for group work. Individual departments or schools are responsible for communicating with their students regarding this topic. 
Last updated on 16 September 2020.