Update 4 January: no relaxation of restrictions for higher professional education

4 January 2022 by Coronavirus

The current measures for higher professional education (hbo) remain in effect. For the time being, teaching will still largely take place online. The exceptions previously announced, such as practicals, lab work and examinations, still apply.  

This is, of course, a big disappointment. But it wasn’t completely unexpected, given the huge number of uncertainties regarding the consequences of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, and because the infection rate of those aged 18-30 is currently higher than for other age groups.  

Next week, on 14 January, the situation will be reviewed, meaning that the government may announce further relaxations of measures. We have to wait and see whether any such relaxations will apply to higher education.  

Exams, practicals and lab work, one-on-one counselling allowed 

Practicals and lab work can continue on site and in person. Examinations, too, can go ahead at Avans locations. One-on-one counselling should also still be conducted at Avans buildings. For a full list of the exceptions to the current restrictions (i.e. activities that can take place at Avans locations), please visit the Avans coronavirus web page.  

Temporary opening hours for buildings during exam period 

During the exam period, changes have been made to the opening hours of Avans buildings. This is to accommodate exams that take place in the evening. You can find the right times for each location on the examination schedule. 

Check laptops before digital assessments 

To take part in assessments, it is very important that students check their hardware and go through the Step Instructional Test (SIT) before the exam period. The hardware checks and SIT checks are therefore going ahead as planned in the coming week. You can find more information about preparing for Digital Assessment at 

Student provision of childcare and homework tutoring remains in place    

We are continuing the student childcare scheme for our staff. We believe this is important since there is a real chance that children will have to stay at home due to an outbreak of coronavirus at their school. Any request must be coordinated with the board of your school or service unit. 

New Year's Message

Especially for students: watch our New Year’s message. President of the Executive Board Philippe Raets offers his warmest wishes to help you through the present lockdown. We hope to welcome you back to our Avans locations soon. The video has also been shared on Avans social media.


Last updated on 6 January 2022.