Update 15 februari: 50% bij Avans werken, einde mondkapje en 1,5 meter afstand

16 February 2022 by Coronavirus

Yesterday evening the government announced relaxations of the coronavirus measures. This update is about the relaxations that affect Avans University of Applied Sciences. The effective dates differ for each measure.

With immediate effect: work 50% on site

The recommendation to work from home is being relaxed with immediate effect. Lecturers and colleagues whose jobs are performed at Avans locations are already there a lot, but from now on all Avans staff are allowed to spend up to 50% of their working hours at an Avans location. Meetings and other consultations are permitted on site once more as well. So those gatherings are included in the 50% on-site attendance.

The meeting places at Bijster in Breda will be open again from Monday 21 February.

Many of our colleagues have been looking forward eagerly to the moment when we can work once again at an Avans location and can meet one another again. Nevertheless, for many people it will take some time to find the right balance between working from home and on site. DPO has already created this magazine: Its aim is to help individuals and teams reaccustom themselves to the new situation and to make arrangements accordingly.

Practical matters:

•             The working from home allowance remains in force;

•             You can claim the commuting allowance (via HR self-service) within 2 months.

•             If you have a mobility card for commuting, you can start using it again.

Policy on working from home

These points apply until further notice. Avans policy on working from home is currently in the decision-making phase. Separate information will follow as soon as it is available.

From 18 February: maximum group size

With effect from 18 February the maximum group size of 75 persons per room will be abolished.

From 25 February: no more mandatory face masks and social distancing

With effect from 25 February mandatory face masks and social distancing will be abolished. The government advice, however, is to continue to wear a face mask after this date in crowded places and wherever it is not possible to maintain social distancing. Where and when to do this is a matter of individual choice. 

Self-testing and staying at home if you have symptoms

Staff and students are still advised to self-test as a precaution and if symptoms appear. Self-tests can still be ordered free of charge via 

Stay at home if you have symptoms and arrange a test at the GGD Municipal Health Service.

No coronavirus entry passes

The proposed legislation for coronavirus entry passes in education is to be withdrawn. The requirement for students to show a coronavirus entry pass and the possibility of introducing coronavirus entry passes for staff are therefore now off the table.

Last updated on 17 February 2022.