Update 23 March 2022: Self-testing recommendation ceased and working on site for at least 50%

23 March 2022 by Coronavirus

Last week, the Dutch national government again relaxed the coronavirus measures. Besides the hygiene measures and the quarantine policy, nearly all other measures for higher education have now ceased. This is good news for our students and staff.

Working on site for at least 50% of your working hours

Until last week, the government recommendation was to work from the office for no more than 50% of the working hours. This recommendation has been converted into a recommendation in which staff members and employers are encouraged to make agreements about hybrid working.

At Avans this means that staff members make agreements about this with their supervisor and/or their team. The basis for this is that everyone work at least 50% of their working hours on location. A structural arrangement for hybrid working is currently in the decision-making phase. Separate information will follow when this regulation has been established.

Self-testing ceases

The recommendation for students and staff members to take a self-test twice a week has been withdrawn. For the moment, students and staff members can still order free self-tests on

Hygiene and quarantine

A number of recommendations to limit the spread of the coronavirus will remain in place. These include hygiene measures, ventilation, testing in case of symptoms, and isolation in case of a coronavirus infection. Read more: Advice and measures to limit the spread of coronavirus | Coronavirus COVID-19 |

Last update

This will be the last update of the coronavirus measures at Avans for the time being. There are no coronavirus measures that require centralised direction and communication. will remain available for information.

Last updated on 23 March 2022.