21 August update: freshers’ week activities and the policy of international travel

21 August 2020 by Coronavirus

Freshers’ week activities

In response to the announcement made at the beginning of August about the stricter measures with regard to freshers’ week activities, we have taken stock of all the plans made by the various Avans departments with regard to these activities. Thanks to you, we were able to act quickly and the Executive Board was able to make an assessment of the freshers’ week activities. You were informed of this yesterday. However, we are still waiting for response from the safety region (veiligheidsregio) with regard to activities that are scheduled to take place in public spaces. The good news is that the majority of these activities will be able to proceed as planned. This means that first-year students will be given an opportunity to get to know one another, Avans and the city where they will be spending the next few years.

International travel

Yesterday, an email was sent to all the schools about supplementary measures with regard to the policy on international travel.

Within the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a distinction in the orange travel advice. There are now 2 situations:

  1. Some countries are issued an orange travel advice based on the health situation in those countries in terms of existing (or rising) number of coronavirus infections. Anyone returning from these countries is urgently recommended to self-isolate at home (quarantine).
  2. Other countries have been issued orange travel advice because these countries are imposing restrictions on travellers from the Netherlands due to the rise in infections in the Netherlands. In this case, the colour code bears no relation to the health situation in the relevant country. Therefore, anyone returning from these countries is not required to self-isolate upon their return. A list of the relevant countries can be consulted on the website of the Dutch government It goes without saying that our International Office is also keeping track of this list. In concrete terms, the above currently applies to the following countries (on 20 August): Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Norway and Iceland. 

Based on this distinction, the management group has decided to refrain from applying the policy banning travel to a country with orange travel advice if this concerns the countries to which Situation 2 to applies, and which are listed on the government website as such. Therefore, students are permitted to study, participate in a work placement or conduct a graduation project in these countries. This means that any educational components completed in such a case are also acknowledged by Avans University of Applied Sciences. If a student travels to a country with red or orange travel advice under Situation 1 in order to follow an educational component, this component will not be acknowledged.

A reminder about coronavirus measures

We hope that everyone has enjoyed a pleasant summer holiday and was able to enjoy some time-out (responsibly) from the 'coronavirus regime' at Avans. Now that we will be able to welcome our new first-year students starting next week and the older students and staff members will also return, it is a good idea to remind people about the coronavirus measures. Please do not forget to remind everyone where this important information can be found:, and do not forget to consult the ‘Measures back to Avans’.

Of course, you can also consult Avans’ social media channels to remind yourself of the measures. In the next few weeks, we will be communicating about this in several ways. We will be sharing this information through an updated infographic, a carousel on Instagram, notifications on the GIS screens and other popular channels, for example.

Last updated on 25 August 2020.