27 March update: copyrights and Multimedia Support

27 March 2020


The act of copying and sharing texts, visual material and other publications is subject to rules that are described in the Copyright Act. A number of suppliers are currently offering free services to make it possible to provide education online for free. However, a service offered free of charge does not mean that you can simply copy the material and upload it to our learning environment. The opposite is true – copyright also applies to these free initiatives. So please keep this in mind and take copyright into account. If you still want to make use of parts of the offered content, then the existing rules for using the works of third parties apply.

You can publish the following:

  • short quotations (under 10,000 words per book / 8,000 words per magazine), but no more than a third of the entire work
  • images that clarify context
  • presentations/reports that you have written permission to publish (please remember to keep the document granting permission)
  • hyperlinks
  • material from Xplora's databases (always specify the source!)
  • material offered under a Creative Commons license.

If the content you want to use does not fall under one of the above categories, or if you want more information, please visit: This page is only available in Dutch. For more information, please contact

Multimedia Support

Multimedia Support staff who need extra help to create digital education in the coming period can contact Multimedia Support. For contact information and useful tips on creating and offering online education, view this Sway. Sway is available in Dutch. For more information, please contact (Breda) or ('s-Hertogenbosch). The Sway presentation is updated on a regular basis.

Last updated on 27 March 2020.