4 November update: mandatory face masks and more

4 November 2021 by Coronavirus

We have all noticed that the coronavirus infections have increased significantly. As a result, the government announced increased coronavirus measures during the press conference on Tuesday evening 2 November. We realise that our resilience will be tested once again and that this is not always easy. The measures will be introduced gradually this week and will also impact students and employees at Avans. Information about the changes is included below.

Working From Home as of 3 November 

As of 3 November, the cabinet has more clearly defined the working-from-home recommendation to: “work from home for at least half of your working hours”. This 50/50 working-from-home regulation was already in force for support service staff at Avans. This measure does not change anything for anyone at Avans with location-specific work activities such as laboratory and facilities staff and lecturers who provide education on site. For them it is necessary to work on site more often, of course.

Urgent Recommendation to Maintain a Distance of 1.5 Metres as of 3 November 

There is also an urgent recommendation from the cabinet to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. In the Avans buildings, this call to action only applies to situations where it is possible to actually maintain that distance.

Mandatory Face Masks as of 8 November 

From Monday 8 November, everyone inside the Avans buildings must wear a face mask when moving through the building. Once you have reached your destination, you can take off the face mask.

Open Day 13 November 

The new information has not changed the set-up for the Open Day, it will remain as we shared in the previous update. It means the following: the prospective student and companion do not need COVID certification to attend the Open Day. We will take other measures to ensure the Open Day will run as safely as possible such as by spreading out the arrival of prospective students and their companions. The obligation to wear face masks when moving through the building will also apply to the Open Day on 13 November.


We also ask you to continue to observe the basic hygiene measures. This includes washing your hands and sneezing into your elbow. As was the case previously, we will open up the doors again where possible in the Avans buildings, so that contact with door handles and knobs can be avoided. 

Statement About Higher Education COVID Certification 

With a view to the possible introduction of the COVID certification in education, we would also like to draw your attention to the statement by the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH) and the VSNU university umbrella organisation. Please see the article on Punt. Avans supports these views and will closely follow any developments. 


Last updated on 5 November 2021.