17 June update: presence in buildings and public transport

17 June 2020 by Coronavirus

Message for students and staff:

Presence in buildings before and after tests

The test period started last Monday. We have noticed that the tests themselves have been conducted without any noteworthy problems. However, we do ask your attention for the presence in the buildings before and after the test moment. We understand that it is nice to see each other again after such a long period of time and that there is a lot to discuss. But we ask everyone not to enter the premises too early. Certainly not an hour in advance. We also ask everyone to take into account other students who have to take a test after you. Make sure you leave the building as soon as your test is over. If necessary, you can use the outside areas to catch up with each other. But there too, the 1.5 meter distance must be observed and the entrances and exits of the buildings must not be blocked. Thank you for your understanding and good luck with the tests in the coming weeks.

It is expected that we will be able to speak to each other about undesirable situations. For example, if build-ups occur in the corridors or in front of entrances and exits. Together we have to make sure that we continue to follow the guidelines.

Public transport during rush hour

It is possible to use public transport during rush hours or parts thereof. Travelling by public transport is possible if necessary. However, agreements have been made with the educational institutions to schedule the tests and practical training outside the rush hour, so that public transport is not burdened. This prevents an excessive flow of students travelling by train or bus at the same time at the already busy times. Therefore, you may travel with public transport during rush hour or part of it if you need to be present in time to take a test on location.

Last updated on 17 June 2020.