Launch of Working from Home Support pilot

8 February 2021

Launch of Working from Home Support pilot
For many Avans lecturers and employees, combining working from home and looking after the children is a burdensome undertaking. This is especially true if they have to help with their home schooling. To help relieve this burden, Avans is launching its Working from Home Support pilot, in which Avans students help employees’ children with their homework or simply look after them, if the children are very young.

The pilot is intended for all lecturers with children up to the age of 16. It also extends to employees whose work duties do not allow for any flexibility with their schedules. Examples include employees with a particular IT position or those who work on helpdesks. We will be launching the pilot with students from the School of Education, ASH, and the Law School. 

How to sign up
Students and staff will receive an e-mail containing more information and a signing up link. Students should state when they are available. Employees should state how many hours’ support they would like. The maximum is 24 hours a week, and only on the days and during the hours the employee in question actually works for Avans. 

Matching students and staff

The Uitzendbureau Driessen (temporary employment agency) will match Avans students who have signed up with lecturers or employees. For students, it will be a handy source of income and valuable experience. To be eligible, students require a Certificate of Conduct (‘Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag’). They can be applied for by the employment agency. It goes without saying that parents and students must strictly observe all the relevant coronavirus measures. 

Last updated on 11 February 2021.