8 July update: going abroad and unemployment benefits after a part-time job

9 July 2020 by Coronavirus

This is an exciting time for students wishing to go abroad for their studies. The International Office (IO) has noticed that students are referred to the IO by some schools, because there is some confusion with regard to the policy and the most recent memorandum issued by the Executive Board concerning studies, work placements and graduation projects in or outside of Europe. You will find clarification about this below.

The current policy at Avans is that the colour codes allocated to certain countries by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs serve as the guiding principle. In the event of code orange travel advice (only necessary travel) and code red travel advice (do not travel), students and staff are no longer allowed to travel to that area. This has been the rule for many years. 

Considering the developments with regard to COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Executive Board has adopted a resolution supplementary to this with regard to work placements, study and graduation abroad for the autumn of 2020. Avans urgently advises students to refrain from studying, taking on a work placement or conducting a graduation project outside Europe, regardless of the travel advice colour code, during the autumn of 2020. Nevertheless, a student may have already undertaken preparations to travel to a country outside Europe. Students who nevertheless decide to travel to a country outside of Europe (allocated a green or yellow code) must sign a declaration with their school or study programme with regard to this. 

Furthermore, students are urgently advised to make provisions for a Plan B, in the event that the travel advice colour code suddenly changes. Portugal is an outstanding example of how quickly this can change. In addition to the above, insurance companies are also applying restrictions to their coverage with regard to claims related to COVID-19. This applies to the private insurance policies of students and staff, as well as to the travel and accident insurance of Avans. Many insurance companies no longer pay out if it the claim is related to COVID-19, due to changes in colour code. 

The special Corona Study Abroad Flowchart on provides a clear, step-by-step explanation of what is and is not possible.  


Unemployment benefits or TOFA for students with a part-time job 

Students who are under threat of losing their part-time job, either entirely or in part, due to the Corona measures may be eligible for unemployment benefits or the TOFA (Temporary Transitional Arrangement for Flexible Employees). This depends on the situation. The application deadline is Sunday, 12 July 2020. 

Check for more information. 


Last updated on 9 July 2020.