11 November update: Zoom allowed again, subject to conditions

11 November 2020

Subject to certain conditions, you may once again use the Zoom videoconferencing platform for virtual activities. Zoom has made the necessary adjustments to its software and policies to make this possible. Please be aware that you may not share confidential information during a Zoom session. Confidential information includes any details that can be traced back to an individual or financial information relating to Avans. 

MS Team and Skype preferred 

You are personally responsible for using Zoom in accordance with all applicable conditions. We continue to prefer MS Teams and Skype for Business for virtual activities. Only use Zoom if no other options are available and as long as no confidential information is shared during the session. You are no longer required to uninstall the Zoom software immediately after use.

Security and privacy

The Executive Board decided in April that staff were not permitted to use Zoom video conferencing software. Students were also advised not to use Zoom for their study activities. This was because Zoom did not have sufficient guarantees in place for the security and privacy of personal and company data. This policy led to difficulties, because Zoom was often the only suitable platform for webinars and meetings with external parties. The policy has now been relaxed.

Last updated on 12 November 2020.