Update 15 September: end of compulsory face masks and maximum group size

15 September 2021

On Tuesday evening 14 September, the cabinet announced that the coronavirus measures would be relaxed. The relaxed measures will go into effect on Saturday 25 September and you can read how this effects Avans below.

Relaxed measures

No face mask
It is no longer compulsory to wear a face mask when moving through the buildings.

Group size
There will no longer be a maximum group size. This applies to all activities at the university of applied sciences.

It will not be necessary to show a COVID certification at our own catering locations (for students and staff). The maximum group size no longer applies there either.

Walking routes
The basic measure of “maintaining a required distance of 1.5-metres” is changing to an urgent recommendation. This means that the walking routes in our buildings will be removed. However, giving each other space is still recommended.

Working on location
The workstations in the offices can be fully used again.

The recommendation to work from home as much as possible is being changed: work from home if you can and at the office if required. The guidelines for working from home that were shared by the Executive Board before the summer can be applied. This can include: 

•             Staff members making agreements with the team or their supervisors if it is desirable to deviate from this. Please contact the HR business partner for advice. These agreements will be made with the team or the supervisor and evaluated in December. Areas that require attention for the evaluation will follow.

•             Continuing to connect with each other because we will regularly work at an Avans location. Staff members will be available for students, colleagues, and relations during the usual working hours. Additionally, the staff member will be available on working days to come to an Avans location if required. A staff member is not entitled to a fixed day for working from home or the office. No rights can be derived from the option to work from home. This is in line with our ambition to be flexible and agile.

•             Staff members, teams, and supervisors making agreements to improve wellbeing and vitality.

That will remain in effect.

Basic measures
The basic measures related to hygiene and health will remain in effect: wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, sneeze or cough into your elbow, stay at home if you have symptoms, get tested, and follow quarantine regulations.

Take a self-test twice a week before coming to school. Order self-tests free of charge at until 1 November. Did you forget to take a self-test at home? Please take one in the self-testing area at Avans.  

Proper ventilation remains a priority. The ventilation systems that are operational in our buildings use fresh air from outside the building. You can also open a window in a classroom or office.

Vaccination without appointment in Breda

You can get your vaccine without an appointment at the Hogeschoollaan in Breda this week. The vaccination bus will be on location on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September from 9.00 to 17.00. Read more: Coronavirus - iAvans 

Vaccination without appointment in Den Bosch and GGD information stand

Following on from the opportunity to get vaccinated in Breda, it will also be possible to get a vaccination without an appointment in Den Bosch next week. The vaccination unit will be present in the grounds of the Brabanthallen on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 September. Students can get their vaccine here without an appointment between 11.00 and 19.00. They must bring a valid form of identification.

Information stand about vaccination with GGD experts

The GGD, in collaboration with several educational institutions in Den Bosch, has organised a number of information sessions for students who have questions about vaccination or who would like to be better informed. GGD experts will have a walk-in office at various education locations. At Avans, students can attend the GGD information stand in the Grand Café, Onderwijsboulevard 215, on Monday 20 September.

Chat with GGD experts

Students can ask their questions on three different channels: Facebook, Instagram, or by phone. The channels are open Monday to Thursday from 15.00 – 17.00. Please find the links below:

•             Instagram:
•             Facebook:

Phone number:
•             Corona KCC for all questions about coronavirus: 088 368 7777

For more information, please visit

Last updated on 22 September 2021.