Update 21 April: scaling up on-campus activities

21 April 2021 by Coronavirus

Scaling up on-campus activities

The government has announced that students in higher education may go to their institutions once a week starting on Monday 26 April for face-to-face education. This is good news, because it means students can once again safely meet on campus after months of remote learning. 

The decision means that we can start scaling up on-site educational activities at Avans. This is in addition to practical and lab work, tests and exams, and education for students who are unable to study at home due to extenuating circumstances. The Xplora locations will also reopen. 


We intend to start scaling up on-site educational activities as of 26 April. Each study programme will make its own decisions on when students can come to campus. Be sure to check the schedule. Students will receive all necessary information from their study programme. The upscaling has already been incorporated into the schedules, but we understand that things can still be a bit of a puzzle. Make sure students are informed clearly and in a timely manner so that everyone is up-to-date.

Students who are on campus for classes or another educational activity may remain on campus that day for individual study. Naturally, all coronavirus guidelines must be observed. There must also be sufficient space to accommodate the students who are present. No space? Then return home. Compliance with the coronavirus measures and all other rules & regulations will be monitored in all buildings.


The situation is different for part-time students than for full-time students. Part-time students will be informed by their study programme about what the relaxed measures mean for them.  


We discovered earlier this academic year that face-to-face education can be done safely. The same coronavirus guidelines continue to apply during this scale-up: maintain social distance of 1.5 meters, wash your hands regularly, wear a face mask and cough into your elbow. And of course: stay at home if you have any symptoms. The infographic summarises all guidelines. 

Working on campus

Working from home will remain the norm for lecturers and staff. This means that everyone should work from home, unless there is no other option. Naturally, this does not apply to lecturers and staff who must come to campus for face-to-face teaching activities or for relevant Avans meetings that cannot be held online. 

No access restriction

The Dutch national government will make self-tests available for students and staff of higher education institutions from the beginning of May. More information will follow later. A self-test is not required for access to lectures and tutorials. Self-testing is voluntary. We do hope that students will avail themselves of the self-testing option and remain home if they test positive. This is another way for us to make Avans safer together. Naturally, other measures will continue to apply, including wearing a face mask and maintaining 1.5 metres of social distance.

Last updated on 11 June 2021.