Update 22 December: Education after 10 January

23 December 2021 by Coronavirus

The current measures for education (mainly online) are applicable until Sunday 9 January 2022. The government will decide on 3 January which measures will apply to education from 10 January.

We will inform you about what this means for Avans on 4 or 5 January.  For students, it is at least important to know that we are doing everything possible to allow for the exam period to go ahead as scheduled.   

Students Available for Childcare  

Since last week, it has been possible for staff members to request the help of students again for childcare, such as for when they have to present their online lectures and tutorials. Eight matches were made already in that short time. Avans will expand this service. Three matters have changed since last week’s message: 

  • This service has been extended to at least 9 January and will continue for as long as the primary schools are closed for regular education; 
  • All staff members can make use of this service: this includes staff members who are not lecturers or who have a location-specific position;  
  • Staff members with children aged 0-4 years can also make use of this service (in addition to children of primary school age). 

Online Consultation Hour for Student Guidance 

Additional online consultation hours for student guidance have been scheduled for this week. It would make sense if you had questions because of the new lockdown. Perhaps you are struggling with thoughts and feelings. Would you like to talk to someone or would you just like someone to listen? Schedule an appointment for the Student Support online consultation hour here.  

Last updated on 23 December 2021.