Update 31 August: dialogue and vaccination near an Avans campus

6 September 2021 by Coronavirus

Initiating a dialogue

The minister announced this week that the use of an access pass for education is a serious option. We can avoid this measure by ensuring the highest possible vaccination rate among students and staff. And by taking a self-test twice a week before coming to an Avans campus. However, the decision of when to take one is personal.  It is certainly important to motivate everyone to the greatest possible extent, by talking to people, entering into dialogue. Get vaccinated, take a self-test.

Emphasise how good it is to be able to study again on campus. And that we all want to keep it that way by testing and staying healthy. This is why we are asking you once again to enter into dialogue and to keep it going.

Practical guidelines in the event of infections

It is valuable to know what steps you need to take in the event of infections, meaning if students or staff have tested positive. We have provided the management teams with practical guidelines describing what you have to do if anyone has tested positive. It is important to know on which campus the infected person was present, who he or she was in contact with and who needs to be informed and any further steps you need to take. All of the above and more is set out in the action plan.  

Vaccination at or near an Avans campus

For Breda and Den Bosch the contacts have already been established with the GGD. Options may include a vaccination bus, a pop-up location or a new GGD vaccination centre in the vicinity of an Avans campus. The proverbial i’s are currently being dotted – and everything will be communicated in detail next week.

Last updated on 8 September 2021.