Update 31 March: face-to-face education and work from home support still available

31 March 2021

Face-to-face education thanks to home testing

As previously announced, Avans University of Applied Sciences, together with HAS and Koning Willem I, is participating in a home-testing pilot scheme. The aim is to investigate whether and how face-to-face education can be made safer through large-scale home testing. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has expressed its intention to make education on location possible again from Monday, 26 April, Covid infection rates permitting. The initial aim is for students to return to campus one day a week. The Ministry is providing the self-tests for this pilot.

We are currently being inundated with inquiries about the possibility of partial reopening. These include questions about the safety of face-to-face education and whether home testing means that social distancing rules will no longer have to be observed. The pilot is currently in full swing, with the results due in mid-April. Behavioural research is also being carried out, into aspects such as willingness to be tested. We will of course share the findings as soon as the results are in. The government is due to hold another press conference on 13 April, when we expect the relevant ministers to clarify their position on the possibilities for on-site education at that time.

On Tuesday, 30 March doctor and microbiologist Jan Kluytmans of Breda’s Amphia Hospital appeared on current affairs programme EenVandaag to talk about home testing and its implications for higher education. 

Working from Home support still available

To give lecturers and other staff who work fixed hours a helping hand, Avans offers Working from Home support. This scheme is aimed at easing the pressures that arise in the home situation by employing Avans students to help with tasks such as assisting with homework and babysitting children up to the age of 16. Students are matched with lecturers and other staff through Driessen Employment Agency, and are of course paid for their services. 

Currently, just under 20 lecturers and other staff are making use of the scheme. You can still sign up through Driessen. Students with children can also make use of this scheme. 

Last updated on 1 April 2021.