Update 7 july: start of the 2021/2022 academic year and more

8 July 2021

Start of the 2021/2022 academic year

In the previous update, we announced that we were preparing for the start of the new academic year without social distancing. In addition to this primary scenario, we are also prepared for a scenario in which the social distancing requirements must remain in place. 

On 13 August, the government will decide whether Dutch educational institutions will be allowed to roll back their social distancing measures. This decision will be based on the percentage of vaccinated students at that time, the development of the pandemic and the international epidemiological risks. This will of course have an impact on our educational activities, and on our education-related orientation activities.

In the week of 16 August, we will provide an update (via the Boards and about the government’s decision and what it means for Avans.

Behaviour, vaccinations and self-testing

Whether we’ll actually be able to say goodbye to our social distancing measures will depend to a large extent on our own behaviour. That’s why we’re appealing to our students and employees to keep following the basic rules. Enjoy your holidays and make sure you come back healthy. We’d also like to ask you to do a self-test before coming to Avans. If you’ve been vaccinated, you are less likely to get sick from the coronavirus. But you can still get infected, and you can also still infect others. That’s why it’s important to do a self-test. This has a preventive effect and stops the virus from spreading. Doing a self-test is a small effort, but it helps us keep our campus safe. A national or local resurgence of the virus could mean that we would have to temporarily switch back to online education, which we of course want to avoid.

Students and staff can order free self-tests at until 31 July. We advise you to make use of this opportunity. We are currently investigating how to make self-tests available to students and staff after this date. More information on this will follow in the week of 16 August. 

International exchanges and work placements

If you’re planning to travel abroad for an international exchange or work placement, it’s important to have a backup plan. The travel advisories issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still change regularly, as countries are still faced with new waves of the virus. The emergence of the Delta variant is an important factor in this. So keep a close eye on the Ministry’s advisories if you have travel plans, and if you do go abroad, do so responsibly. To find out more, please visit

Last updated on 13 July 2021.