Update 25 november: remember to adhere to the guidelines

25 November 2021 by Coronavirus

Unfortunately, there is no reversal in the increase of the number of infections yet. Another press conference has also been announced, with the possibility of stricter guidelines. Until now, education has been safeguarded from stricter measures. However, if we want to keep it that way, then we need each other. We want to ask you once again to adhere to the guidelines. Unfortunately, we have observed that this is not always the case. We have also noticed that the advice from the supervisors is not always followed, and this has too often resulted in unpleasant responses. These professionals monitor the guidelines for the safety of everyone. The guidelines are not optional.

1.5-Metre Social Distancing in Education

In advance of the press conference, the guideline to keep 1.5 metres distance was made compulsory again on 24 November. This does not yet apply for education. However, we want to emphasise that it is important to give each other space wherever possible. This is for the benefit of all of us.

Working from Home

In the latest update, we asked you to work from home unless this was not possible. We have noticed that this advice is not always followed, as colleagues did decide to travel to work for a meeting. Also, some colleagues in a supporting role within schools were expected to be present at the location and that is precisely not the intention.

Face Masks Mandate

Everyone must wear a face mask when moving through the Avans buildings. Here, too, we have observed that this guideline is not adhered to in many cases. Please remain alert, and address each other in this regard.

Role of the Supervisors

Previously, we already informed you that our supervisors have an important role with regard to adherence to guidelines. Please follow the instructions of supervisors. In extreme cases, they can ask you to leave the university; they have this authority.

We also received feedback that the supervisors are on the receiving end of undesirable responses. They are specifically here to help us and to alert us to moments of inattention. Please treat each other with respect!

Cabinet Proposal of COVID Certifications 

With the proposal to possibly introduce COVID certifications in higher education, as presented to the Lower House, the cabinet is asking the impossible of universities of applied sciences and research in the Netherlands. That is what education organisations Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH) have stated in a message. Avans University of Applied Sciences supports this view.

Last updated on 25 November 2021.